#8 Know Another Culture

Oroville Chinese Temple & Garden

Built in 1863 to serve a community of 10,000 Chinese, this temple of treasures is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and also as a California Landmark. It was first opened to visitors during California’s 1949 Centennial.

It includes three chapels, with the main chapel, Liet Sheng Kong, serving as a place of worship for Taoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.

In 1968, Tapestry Hall was added to display the extensive collection of embroidered tapestries, parade parasols, and other objects of beauty. A priceless collection of Chinese and American costumes is arranged to contrast the two cultures by decades from 1850 to 1930. Also see the rare threedimensional puppets from the Oroville Chinese Opera Theatre.

102Visitors won’t want to miss the garden, which is designed as a place for meditation and reflection and has plantings that originated in China; each is a symbol for a Taoist idea. The temple and garden are maintained by the Oroville Parks Department. To hear a narrative on this historic attraction, dial 530-539-3004 and press 102.

Oroville Chinese Temple & Garden
1500 Broderick St., 530-538-2496
Hours: Daily, Noon-4
Closed December 15-January 31
Admission: Adults $3, Children under 12 free, Tour groups and special rates

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