#11 Search for Treasure – Unburied, That Is

Oroville’s Antique Shops

Downtown Oroville

Antique dealers from all over the Northwest come here to buy for their shops. It’s because of the bargains.

China, glassware, pottery, jewelry, silver, clocks, paintings, books, maga-zines, sheet music, fixtures, quilts, figurines, dolls, toys, tools, records, trunks, and every type and style of furniture can all be found. Whether you’re adding to a collection, wanting to buy a gift for someone else, or just looking for a classy way to add to the decor of your own home, do take the time to treasure hunt in these shops.


Huntington's Sportsman's Store

#20 World Tour of Wildlife

You may have seen wildlife museums that contain a nice variety of area wildlife, but Oroville is home to one with over 100 “trophies” from all over the world. Many photographs taken during the hunts are also displayed, and in the cases surrounding the museum room is an outstanding and unique collection of firearms.

Huntington’s also has cases filled with memorabilia from Oroville’s past: antique bottles and many Indian artifacts, including an exceptional collection of baskets. It’s easy to see why it’s called “Northern California’s Most Unique Sportsman’s Store!”

Huntington’s Sportsman’s Store
601 Oro Dam Blvd.
(530) 534-8000
Hours: Mon-Fri 9-6, Sat. 8-5
Admission is free