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#9 Songs Dances & More

Historic State Theatre of Oroville

Dedicated in 1928, this theater has featured great vaudeville acts, fine films, and multiple live music, dance, and drama performances. The theater was designed by Timothy L. Pflueger and J.R. Miller, who also created the Pacific Telephone and Telegraph Building in San Francisco.

The State was restored to much of its original grandeur in the late 1980s with additional restoration projects being completed every few years. The theatre now has an outstanding lineup each season of national touring companies as well as local groups presenting music, dance, comedy, and drama.

To hear a narrative on this historic attraction, dial 530-539-3004 and press 106.

Historic State Theatre of Oroville
At Myers & Robinson
Tickets: (530) 538-2415
Box Office Information Recording: (530) 538-2470
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#28 Laugh, Cry & Applaud

Birdcage Theatre

It’s hard for us to believe that so much talent landed in one spot, but time and time again, we’re overwhelmed by the professional quality of productions that are staged here.

The Birdcage season begins in September, and nearly every month sees a new production. Hocks Unlimited presents their annual melodrama every July and features popcorn, beverages, and unlimited laughs.

Birdcage Theatre & Hocks Unlimited
1740 Bird Street
(530) 533-BIRD
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