#44 Mile-Hile Adventures

If you follow the Oro-Quincy Rd. on the old Wells Fargo Stage route, which takes you through Berry Creek, you’ll reach Bucks Lake, which is just plain beautiful any time of the year.

A mile high in the Sierra Nevada, tall pines, a crystal clear lake, and clean mountain air are a few of the assets of this area. You can fish, swim, and boat during the summer, and enjoy snowmobiling and cross country skiing in winter.

In the Spring, the wildflowers are magnificent, and hunters prefer the area in the Fall. But our favorite time is in the summer when the Valley heat is hovering near 100. We don’t fish, swim, or boat. We just enjoy the air.

Bucks Lake

Hwy 70 via Quincy or
Oro-Quincy Rd. via Berry Creek

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