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Feather River Canyon National Scenic Byway

This scenic drive begins at the Gateway to the Feather River Canyon National

Scenic Byway in Oroville and goes past Beldon Town, a hikers stop on the Pacific Crest Trail, on to Quincy.

Dedicated in October, 1998, this drive offers spectacular views of the Feather River Canyon. With much of it carved out of solid granite and rock cliffs and completed in 1935, the Feather River highway features miles of roadway that crisscross the north fork of the Feather River and several tributary streams as it winds through Plumas National Forest.

Hwy. 70 North fork

A spectacular drive for scenery during any season, we especially enjoy it in Spring with nearly 100 waterfalls flowing and 1000s of wildflowers and in the Fall for Autumn color.

The steel arch bridge located about 30 miles north of Oroville is one of the wonders of construction on this breathtaking drive. The 680 foot long structure is 200 feet above the river and 170 feet above the Western Pacific Railroad bridge below. The bridge is unique in that it not only curves as it crosses the river, but is also banked, creating a span that both curves and twists at about a five-degree angle.

Along the drive, you’ll see several PG&E hydroelectric facilities, and will travel through three tunnels; the third and longest is 1,187 feet and has viewing windows on the north side. The tunnels were a WPA project, with some of the rock removed from inside the tunnels used in the stone guardrails seen throughout the drive.

Also, of note if you’re interested in rock climbing is Grizzly Dome, where folks scale the vertical rock, near one of the tunnels.


In Quincy we’ll stop for lunch at Morning Thunder, 557 Lawrence St. This is also a great place for breakfast. After lunch back on Hwy. 70 and quickly left onto Bucks Lake Road where more vistas provide great views on the way through Meadow Valley as we continue west to Bucks Lake.


Since you’re looking for scenery a side trip well worth your time is Silver Lake. Watch for the road about eight and a half miles out of Quincy. Silver Lake Road will be on your right and will be a 15 minute drive.


On the way past Bucks Lake you may want to take a break at either Lake shore Resort or Bucks Lake Lodge both of which you’ll pass by. Then it’s on down the winding and beautiful drive to our starting point and final destination, Oroville. Bucks Lake road turns into Oro-Quincy Highway at Mountain House. The old Hotel and stage coach stop was a hangout for the notorious robber Black Bart.

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