#101 Bicentennial Living Witness Tree & Mural Musings

There are only 55 trees identified in the nation as having been standing at the time of the signing of the Constitution. One of those, a Valley Oak, stands in Live Oak.

Each tree identified by the Living-Witness Tree Program reflects a longterm commitment by local tree care professionals who provide life-time care. Co-sponsors of the Live Oak Tree are Arborists Scot Wineland of Chico’s Wineland Walnuts, and Meg Burgin, of Live Oak’s Domestique Tree and Garden Service.

In 1997 Gridley initiated a mural program which has grown yearly. They’re all well done, and if you stop by the Chamber of Commerce, they’ll give you a map with exact locations.

Murals in Gridley
Tree in Live Oak, south of Gridley on Hwy 99