Historic Sites In The Foothills, CA


Cherokee and Oregon City

Settled in 1853 by a school teacher and his Cherokee Indian students from what is now the state of Oklahoma, Cherokee boomed from 1870-1886. In 1881, a mining company was operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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A Hideout of Black Bart’s

About nine miles north of the Bald Rock turnoff, you will pass an old, gray, two-story building. This is Mountain House, an old stage coach stop, which is the only one left of the four that were on this stretch between Oroville and Quincy.

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Try Your Hand at Poker Flat

The town had its beginnings in the early 1850’s. It is reported that only 12 families were living in the camp in 1856, but 400 miners lived within two miles. Henry Cohn, who had a store there from 1857 to 1863, described Poker Flat as a “miserable hole.”

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