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Goodman House Bed & Breakfast

Interesting Features of the House
Among the interesting facts and features of the house is that it was once at the farthest end of town, yet was one of the earliest homes on the Esplanade. The property was one of two parcels on the entire block.

The house had a parlor, sitting room, large dining room, and kitchen on the first floor. The second floor had four bedrooms, a sun porch and one bathroom. There was an attic and a full basement. During WWI the basement was converted to temporary housing for families of soldiers stationed nearby.

The building behind the home was their carriage house. The house was built with no fireplace, but rather a “modern” heating system. The house originally had gas lighting, and was converted to electric lighting around 1911 according to the date stamps on several original fixtures. The furnace used coal, then oil, and eventually was converted to natural gas to heat the home. To cool down in the summer heat of Chico, a screened sun porch was used for more comfortable sleeping.

Much of the original wood, light fixtures and hallway wainscotting are still in the house today.

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