Featured Activities In Oroville, CA


Oroville’s Greenline Tour

greenline-tourThis Oroville Greenline map locates many of the attractions in the Guide. Use this map while following the green line down the center of the street to each of the featured attractions.
Take the Cell Phone Tour…
Seven of the Greenline Tour historical attractions are now included in a cell phone walking tour. Exploring historic Oroville with narratives about each of the attractions using your cell phone is easy and fun. Simply dial 530-539-3004 on your cell phone and press the numbers for the location that you are visiting. The numbers to press are represented with a cell phone icon and the appropriate number on the page describing the attraction in this guide. You can take the tour on foot or by car following the Greenline and street signs.

 Click the Greenline sign above for a quick video!
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